Alipus Mezcal

Alipus Mezcal

Alipús Mezcal comes from a range of remote pueblos in Oaxaca’s mezcal region, bottled to showcase the extraordinary regional differences between mezcals even when using 100% Espadín agave (Agave angustifolia) for all production. Alipús Mezcals share in common: craft production in artisanal family palenques (rustic distilleries), agaves wood-roasted in conical below-ground earthen fire-pit ovens, slow stone-milling by horse or mule-drawn tahona, fermentation with exclusively wild native yeasts in open wooden vats, and double-distillation in small wood-fired copper potstills.

Alipus San AndresAlipus San Andres

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Fermented in cypress vats & distilled by Don Valente Angel from agave Espadín grown at about 5000 feet on thin calciferous-soiled low hills and terraces in the Valley of Miahuatlan. ABV 46.8%. Complex, rich, intensely floral.

Difford’s Guide – 4.5/5

Alipus San Andres Edicion EspecialAlipus San Andres Edicion Especial

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Roasted in a traditional earthen fire-pit with Oaxacan white oak covered with river cobblestones, fermented in wooden vats for ten days, and distilled in hand-hammered and riveted copper pot stills by Don Valente Angel, this is a rare Ensemblé mezcal made up of 71% Espadín (Agave angustifolia), 18% Madrecuishe and 11% Cuishe (both Agave karwinskii vars.) grown at 5300 feet on thin calciferous-soiled low hills and terraces in Santa Maria de la Pila, in the Valley of Miahuatlan, Oaxaca. Bottled at ABV 47%, only 495 bottles were produced! A must for the true collectors and aficionados.

Complex, rich, intensely floral, with focused & fruity elegance from agave bicuishe and intriguing salty, leafy notes from agave madrecuishe.

Alipus San BaltazarAlipus San Baltazar

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Fermented in pine vats & distilled by Don Cosmé Hernandez from agave Espadín grown at about 5700 feet in hilly, white, & rocky soil in San Baltazar Guelavila in the Tlacolula Valley. ABV 48.1%. Delicate and fruity, slightly sweet.

Difford’s Guide – 4.5/5

Alipus San Baltazar Edicion EspecialAlipus San Baltazar Edicion Especial

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This beautiful ensamble is fermented in extremely old pine vats & distilled by Don Cosmé Hernandez & his son Cirilo from agave grown at about 4100 feet in shaley, calciferous, rocky soil in the small village of San Baltazar Guelavila in the Tlacolula Valley. This limited edition showcases agaves De Lumbre (Agave species unknown), Tepextate (A. marmorata, and Cirial (A. karwinskii) and is bottled at 47.3% ABV. Only 788 bottles were produced for the 2016 vintage! Lovely notes of earth, anise, chili pepper, fresh and dried herbs, complex minerality, and a mouthwatering, long, spicy finish. A must for the true collectors and aficionados.

Alipus San JuanAlipus San Juan del Rio

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Fermented in oak vats & distilled by Don Joel Cruz from non-irrigated agave Espadín grown in sunny mountain-top plantings in ferriferous soil at 4600 feet in San Juan del Rio in Oaxaca’s Sierra Norte. ABV 47.3%. Fruity, rich, smoky, pleasantly sweet.

Difford’s Guide – 5/5

Alipus San Luis del RioAlipus San Luis

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Fermented in pine vats & distilled by Don Baltazar Cruz Gomez from agave Espadín grown at about 4000 feet in steep and sandy soils. ABV 47.8%. Spicy, round, and soft.

Alipus Santa AnaAlipus Santa Ana

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Fermented in pine vats & distilled by Don Eduardo Hernandez from agave Espadín grown at about 5200 feet in mountainous, white, & very rocky soil. Very cleanly distilled. ABV 47.9%. Soft and lightly fruity.

Paul Pacult/SPIRIT JOURNAL:“Graceful”. ★ ★ ★ ★

Alipus San Miguel SolaAlipus San Miguel Sola

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Named after Sola de Vega’s patron saint, San Miguel Sola and produced by Don Felix Garcia and Don Leonardo Rojas from agaves grown in thin, steep, ferriferous soils at about 6000 feet in the coastal Sierra west of Sola de Vega, southwest of Oaxaca city. Traditionally roasted in an earthen fire-pit with locally collected dead wood on a bed of river stones, hand-crushed with wooden mallets in an ancient canoa hollowed out from a tree-trunk, fermented with only wild native yeasts from the ambient environment of Potrero, Sola de Vega, Oaxaca, and double-distilled using clay-pot stills rather than copper, this Ensemblé mezcal is a truly rare treasure made with 20% Arroqueño (Agave americana var. Oaxacensis) and 80% Espadín) in extremely small quantities at ABV 47% and up.

Intense, complex, and floral, with the distinctive soft mouthfeel that comes from distillation in clay.

Alipus San Miguel Edicion EspecialAlipus San Miguel Sola Edicion Especial

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This even MORE extremely limited mezcal is also produced by Don Felix and Don Leonardo with the same terroir and production characteristics as their house ensemblé above, including hand-smashing, wild yeasts, and double-distillation using clay-pot stills rather than copper. Howevever, this mezcal is made from 100% arroqueño (Agave americana var. Oaxacensis) and bottled at 47.8% ABV. Only 1140 bottles were made in this batch from 2016 – we expect them to go quickly. A beautiful earthy, dusty sweetness with notes of wood and ripe banana on the nose, and rich tingling chile pepper on the palate.

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