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Cinco Sentidos started as a simple project. Two young aficionados met in Oaxaca, drawn to its vibrant colors, culture, food, and of course, mezcal. As a friendship developed, so did a plan: Scour the Mexican countryside in search of delicious & obscure mezcals, and serve those spirits in a small mezcaleria in Oaxaca City. That mezcaleria evolved into a highly-acclaimed 32-seat restaurant called El Destilado. Coveted bottles of their nano-batch spirits began making their way to restaurants, bars, & spirits enthusiasts' collections globally.

These spirits are almost exclusively once-in-lifetime representations of small-scale maestro mezcaleros that produce agave spirits with complex flavors. We select high-quality distillates that represent the various production processes, agave diversity, and traditions & talents of Mexico's master distillers of agave. Cinco Sentidos Agave Spirits highlight the various production processes, agave diversity, and talents and traditions of the amazing people who make the spirits with rigor and esteem.

Cinco Sentidos ChinoCinco Sentidos Chino 2019

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Mezcalero: José Ines Vieyra in El Aguacatito, Michoacan; Agave: Chino (A. cupreata); ABV: 46%

Within Mexico, the mezcales produced in the state of Michoacan are highly prized due to their unique flavors and atypical production processes. However, due to a myriad of complex legal and social issues, very few mezcales from the region are available outside of Mexico. This small batch of both wild and cultivated Agave Chino (A. Cupreata) is one of the few expressions of Michoacan mezcal available in Canada, and it is produced with a “Filipino” still – 16th Century technology consisting of a copper boiling chamber and tree trunk (!!!) “condensing hat“. The result is a buttery mezcal that is especially appropriate for lovers of cheese and cream. Aromas: Strawberry Candy, Blue Cheese. Palate: Strawberry Cream Cheese, Slight Earthy Notes with Black Licorice Finish. Only 162 bottles!

Cinco Sentidos JabaliCinco Sentidos Jabali 2020

BC SKU 96526 / AB SKU 835659


Mezcalero: Sergio Patricio Juarez in San Augustin Amatengo, Oaxaca; Agave: Jabalí (A. convallis); ABV: 45.7%

Bold and high-toned, but at the same time approachable, this is an expression of the wild agave Jabalí (A. Convallis), which means “wild boar” in Spanish. The name seems appropriate, as your chances of spotting a wild boar and a mezcal made from this agave are about in the same. Mezcals made from this agave are uncommon becuase they are notoriously difficult to distill - they emit a saponin during the fermentation and distillation processes that requires an extra level of patience and know-how in order to this extract this wild plant’s marvelous essence. Aromas: Cotton Candy, Mountain Air, Seabreeze. Palate: Honeysuckle, Tulips and a Hint of Cinnamon with a Slightly Smart Finish. Only 108 bottles!

Cinco Sentidos TepextateCinco Sentidos Tepextate 2020

BC SKU 100052 / AB SKU 825432



Mezcalero: Sergio Juarez Patricio in San Augustin Amatengo, Oaxaca; Agave: Tepextate (A. marmorata); ABV: 47.5%

An exquisite and powerful representation of Agave Tepextate (A. Marmorata), a wild-grown species of agave that can take over two decades to reach maturity and is found exclusively in the rugged hillsides of Oaxaca and Puebla. This particular batch is distilled by a third-generation mezcalero, Sergio Patricio, who works alongside his son, Luis Enrique. The agaves are milled by two bulls pulling a two-ton tahona stone. And they use a unique still, colloquially referred to as a “refrescadera,” which is common in Oaxaca’s Ejutla region yet rare elsewhere. This still allows for an efficient double-distillation in a single pass using two internal reflux plates. Aromas: Verdent Greenhouse, Green Beans, Hamhock. Palate: Strong Green Chile, Stewed and Withered Greens, Charred Potatoes, Violet Syrup. Only 114 bottles!

Cinco Sentidos TobazicheCinco Sentidos Tobaziche 2020

BC SKU 100055 / AB SKU 825431


Cinco Sentidos AzulCinco Sentidos Azul 2020

BC SKU 96520 / AB SKU 835661


Mezcalero: Delfino Tobón Mejía in San Pablo Ameyaltepec, Puebla; Agave: Azul (A. tequilana Weber); ABV: 47.5%

This micro-batch of Agave Azul (A. Tequilana Weber) from Puebla offers a rare opportunity to try a mezcal-style spirit that uses agave that is typically only grown and harvested for the production of tequila. The agaves used for this batch were grown locally in the Mixteca Poblana, where agave farmers from Jalisco introduced the plant to the region during one of Jalisco’s famous agave shortages. Uniquely, this spirit is single-distilled in copper alembic with 3 reflux plates. This is a perfect opportunity to grab one of your favorite tequilas and enjoy an enlightening and delicious side-by-side tasting! Aromas: High-toned nose with notes of Lime Peel, Fruit Pit, Raisins. Palate: Light, tropical and citric, with notes of spun sugar and cinnamon. Only 114 bottles!

Cinco Sentidos Pechuga de Mole PoblanoCinco Sentidos Pechuga de Mole Poblano 2020

SKU: 835658


Mezcalero: Marcelo Luna in Santa Maria Zoyatla, Puebla; Agave: Espadilla (A. angustifolia var.); ABV: 48.8%

Perhaps one of the more unique expressions of distilled spirits around the world, this small batch of “Pechuga de Mole Poblano” is distilled with a cooked chicken and a Mole Poblano sauce in the boiling chamber of the still on the second distillation. The Mole contains no less than 20 ingredients, among them chocolate, cinnamon, cumin, peanuts, raisins, chile ancho, chile mulato, apples and bananas. Fermentation is in animal skin – cowhide to be exact! The distillation is with the Filipino-style still as above. A celebratory mezcal in every way, enjoy this for a special occasion! Aromas: Fresh-Made Mole, Cumin, Peanuts. Palate: Cocoa Powder, Grilled Pineapple, Faint Chile Powder Spice. Only 96 bottles!

Cinco Sentidos PichomelCinco Sentidos Pichomel 2020

BC SKU 96523 / AB SKU 835660


Mezcalero: Atelo Ramirez in Los Reyes Metzontla, Puebla; Agave: Pichomel (A. marmorata); ABV: 46.2%

From the high desert of Southwestern Puebla, this beautiful expression of Pichomel (A. Marmorata) is a tropical masterpiece, especially perfect for warmer weather. This small batch of only 180 liters was distilled by maestro mezcalero Atelo Ramirez and his wife Laura Arriaga. Agave Pichomel grows wild in the high dessert and tends to have a very low yield. Don Atelo is the only mezcalero in the village of Los Reyes Metzontla, and his mezcales are highly prized within the region for their vibrant flavors and approachability. His agaves are hand-smashed using a wooden mallet. Distillation is with a pot still made of steel, clay, and copper. Aromas: Intense Notes of Banana Laffy-Taffy, Plaintain Skin. Palate: A Juicy and Sweet Melody of Tropical Fruits, Strawberry Cheesecake and Light, Complementary Smoke. Only 120 bottles!

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