Gran Orendain Tequila

Gran Orendain Tequila The Orendain family has been involved in producing tequila since 1840, when Doña Elisa Orendain and her husband owned a distillery called La Chiripa, where their nephew Don Eduardo Orendain worked. His grandson Don Eduardo Orendain Gonzalez established his own company upon purchasing a simple distillery in 1926 in Tequila, Jalisco after previously producing Orendain Tequila around the corner at El Llano (current home of Arette Tequila produced by his sons Eduardo and Jaime Orendain Gonzalez) since 1900. This new(er!) distillery is now known as Casa Mexicana, and is the home of Tequila Orendain, Gran Orendain, Ollitas, and others. We bring in the latter two, produced by Marcela Orendain Gonzalez, sister of Jaime and Eduardo.

Gran Orendain tequilas use family estate-grown agaves harvested at 7-8 years of age from their own estate, a single plantation of 5000 hectares of Blue Agave fields on the Hill of Tepecoste on the edge of the town of Tequila, cooked in brick ovens at Casa Mexicana at low temperature for a minimum of 48 hours. They ferment in stainless steel for 72 hours, and triple-distill in stainless steel pot stills. Their blancos are rested in stainless steel, followed by aging in French oak for their reposados and beyond.

Gran Orendain Tequila Blanco

SKU: BC 140861 / AB 796663
Case configuration: 6x750mL

Triple-distilled, 100% Blue Agave Gran Orendain Blanco is rested in stainless steel before bottling 40% ABV. This tequila truly smells like the rich aroma of baking agaves that you smell when you enter the town of Tequila, Jalisco for the first time – it makes you relive that experience every time you pour yourself a glass! On the palate, smooth and pure agave taste combined with herbs and mint aromas. To be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in ultra-premium margaritas or other cocktails. A true “old school” tequila that smells and tastes like the best tequilas from 100 years ago.

Awards: 2015 Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – Grand Gold Medal


Gran Orendain Tequila Reposado

SKU: BC 140845 / AB 796696
Case configuration: 6x750mL

Gran Orendain Reposado starts with our blanco and ages for 11 months in French oak barrels. It strikes a perfect balance between the fruity and floral flavours coming out of the distillation process, and those aromas and flavors of the barrel. Smooth on the palate, with great body and delicate agave and wood aromas. Beautiful neat, on the rocks, or in ultra-premium cocktails.

Awards: 2015 Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – Gold Medal


Gran Orendain Tequila Añejo

SKU: BC 140851 / AB 796697
Case configuration: 6x750mL

Gran Orendain Añejo is aged for 20 months in French oak barrels. Smooth on the palate, intense flavor with aromas of cooked agave, caramel, chocolate, vanilla and coffee. In the mouth, similar flavours of agave, chocolate, vanilla, and coffee, with great body and mouthfeel generated through its long aging process. To be enjoyed neat in a snifter or Riedel tequila glass, or on the rocks.

Awards: 2013 Beverage Tasting Institute – Silver Medal; 2015 Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – Gold Medal


Gran Orendain Tequila 3 Year Extra Añejo

SKU: BC 140858 / AB 796698
Case configuration: 6x750mL

This gorgeous Extra Añejo is aged for 40 months or more in French oak barrels before bottling at 40% ABV. A rich, golden amber color with aromas of honeyed spice cake, toasted meringue, peppers, and dried fruits. On the palate, a silky mouthfeel, dry-yet-fruity at the outset, medium-to-full body, and a long and warming cola, peppery, vanilla toffee, and mineral accented finish. A beautiful sipping anejo excellent on its own or paired with a fine cigar.

Accolades: Total Wines - “Rich and full-bodied with intense cooked agave, wood, and herbal notes. Vanilla notes linger on the long finish.”


Gran Orendain Tequila 7 Year Extra Añejo

SKU: BC 140991 / AB 796864
Case configuration: 1x750mL

Our magnum opus is aged in French oak barrels for 84 months or more, bottled at 40% ABV in a French decanter, and placed in a commemorative gift box. Intense flavours and aromas of cooked agave, maple, and vanilla, with wood and herbal nuances, a huge mouthfeel, and a long beautiful finish.

Accolades: Master of Malt: “Tobacco, roasted bell pepper, Demerara sugar, red chilli flakes, a touch of smoked meat.”


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