Mezcal Meteoro

Mezcal Meteoro

Many years ago, according to legend, a flash lit up the sky of the southern Sierra of Oaxaca. There was a loud roar and then, the whole town saw “little eyes of fire” falling all around. One of them made a small crater and the local maestro mezcalero decided to use it as a red-hot earthen pit oven to cook his fresh Espadín agave hearts. And so, he produced the best mezcal the region had ever tasted. People asked him “How did you do it?” The old man simply replied: “It fell from the sky.”

Mezcal Meteoro

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Mezcal is the best kept secret of Mexico and the most ancient distilled spirit in America. Mezcal can derive from several varietals of agave, most of them grown in the wild in different regions of Mexico. In the state of Oaxaca alone, at least 22 species of agave are used to produce mezcal, of which Espadín is the most widely used. Much like with wine, different species and varietals have very distinct properties that yield an incredible array of flavours and aromas. Terroir and the hand of the “maestro mezcalero” also play a fundamental role in the characteristics of the final product.

Mezcal Meteoro is made from 100% agave Espadín (Agave angustifolia) by maestro mezcalero Petronilo Rosario Altamirano in Las Margaritas, Oaxaca, Mexico strictly using only the traditional method for producing artisanal mezcal: The agave hearts are cooked in an earthen pit oven for three days or more, then crushed with a round tahona stone pulled by a mule. This crushed agave is then fermented in wooden vats for two weeks, then double-distilled in copper pot stills.

“The nose is bold, bright, floral, sweet and balanced, with notes of woodsmoke, barbecued pineapple, apricot and other stone fruits. Upon entry there’s some heat, citrus peel, and rich minerality, with continued woodsmoke and grilled pineapple. Medium intensity, slightly creamy mouthfeel, with a long smoky and sweet finish.” – Eric Lorenz

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